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Alata Black Soap - 8-oz Liquid

Alata Black Soap - 8-oz Liquid

$ 7.50

This is the type of Black Soap intended for use on sensitive skin and hair. Traditionally made in Ghana, West Africa (this kind is also made in Nigeria, West Africa). Totally organic, our Alata Black Soap contains no animal fats or chemicals. Black Soap is also known as Anago Soap or Alata Soap in Ghana, and as Ose Dudu in Nigeria. Our Alata Black Soap is made from roasted cocoa pod powder, roasted plantain peel powder cooked with palm kernel oil and coconut oil. Black Soap is especially recommended for the very young and the elderly, or anyone with tender skin. It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and soft. It also works well with the use of moisturizing 100% Pure Shea Butter, which we also carry. Alata Black Soap is prized for its quality antiseptic properties and for its gentleness on the skin and hair and we are glad to bring this to you at a very competitive price.
Active ingredients in Alata Black Soap:
Cocoa pod ashes
Plantain skins ashes
Palm kernel oil
Coconut oil.
Used regularly for bathing, Alata Black Soap is noted for helping with the following:
Athlete Foot
Body odor and much, much more.